Knitted Easter Eggs

As you know, I am interested in knitting small things. I’m also very interested in knitting with beads.

This pattern from the Betsy Beads book by Betsy Hershberg shows how beads can make any knitted piece extra special. I have had the book for some time and just enjoy it.

studio is Betty’s website and well worth looking. The kits and tutorials for the project are there.

A free pattern for the spiral necklace can be found at http://www.knitting





Easter Knits roundup contd…


Woolly Land Sheep


These little sheep are found in flutterby  a free pattern and great fun for Easter. They are Chalky and Charcoal, they come with coats to knit so you can change them  and there is also a pattern for Rose, the little girl sheep. I found this blog when I was searching for toy patterns. it’s great fun and worth a visit.


Roundup at the knit purl corral

I just thought you might like a peek at some of the patterns I find online and save for knitting. With Easter on its way these are cute and easy knits and great stash busters as the little knitted hens only take tiny amounts of yarn.

Big foot    This is a cute little rabbit from twins  she would make a lovely Easter gift for a little girl. The  pattern can be found on their blog
  little knitted hens pattern can be found a cute  wee edition  to an Easter basket.
Edmund can be found at

Bunnies, Chicks and other tiny things

Thinking about my previous post, Easter is on the horizon and its time to think about little yarn bunnies and chicks etc.  This is Bramble Bunny she is an Amanda Berry pattern She has a whole wardrobe but I have only managed her everyday dress and shoes and her pink party frock and shoes.

Back online again



Well, here I am again after quite some time. I have been busy though. I just haven’t been blogging here. 

Christmas was over in a flash and despite my best intentions , no real time for all that I wanted to do craftwise. However anyone who knows me knows that I enjoy the looking, and the planning, even buying the craft goodies online, in shops, anywhere. I was going to try lots of new things. So I did enjoy myself anyway !

Why are there only 24 hours in a day.

This is a little monster bag from a pattern in Lets Knit magazine. I had to learn to knit in the round for this.  So I am glad I gave it a try.  I thought it would look good in Christmas colours and used as a goodie bag for friends filled up with sweets or anything else you like to suit the person. My first go at knitting in the round and Swiss Darning.














More knitted friends….

This is Dill the dinosaur.
This is Dill the dinosaur

This is the biggest toy I have knitted to date, I like her a lot. So do my visitors.

The weather is beginning to turn with the night a little cooler.. penguin time!

tiny penguini

Kevin Penguin

tiny penguin
tiny penguin

This teeny one is another Amanda Berry pattern. I just knitted him up in 15 minutes. He would make a great tree decoration or stocking filler. I love to try these.

And what do we find along with penguins?…….

Mr Flurry.
Mr Flurry

I found this pattern on the web a few years ago. at that time I knitted up quite a few and gave them as gifts.

When I was clearing Student Boy’s room to find a place to store patterns I found the pattern and knitted one up Just for the pleasure of it!

Things I’ve been working on

Mushroom Girl Brooch
Mushroom Girl Brooch

This is a little brooch I made.  She’s very sweet and pretty.

Rainbow tortoise
Rainbow tortoise.

I love knitting these little amigurumi. They are all over the house. This little guy is an Amanda Berry pattern. You  can find it on her website, Fluff and Fuzz listed in free patterns.

This is CapStick Crab.
This is CapStick Crab.

This little crab is knitted from a pattern in Lets Get Crafting magazine. He has a wee whale and fish for friends.

Walt the Whale
Walt the Whale
 stripe the fish
Stripe the fish
The Tweed city mice - a family of mice living adventurous lives in Tweed City.
The Tweed city mice – a family of mice living adventurous lives in Tweed City.

i have been trying to finish off projects started months, sometimes years ago. I enjoy craft magazines and buy almost all of them each month. I find knitting very relaxing and enjoy other blogs. Amanda Berry, Barbara Prime, Alan Dart.

My Bob and Bella mouse characters are knitted up from a Barbara Prime pattern, Holiday Mice which can be found on her website.