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Knitting, it’s not just for Julia…


So the current media circus swirling around Julia Gillard is to do with an article for the Women’s Weekly showing her knitting. Now it’s not exactly a secret that she knits, this has been known for some time. Yet suddenly she’s being attacked all over the place for it. Mainly old white men are calling her ridiculous for showing off a hobby popularised by 50’s housewives. Like this trite example:

She is giving encouragement to young female politicians by plying a hobby now synonymous with mad old aunts – Andrew Bolt

Like he’s such an expert!?

So, is knitting such an olde worlde hobby that it will lead Julia further from the voters?

The more than three million users of Ravelry, a knitting website, are sure to disagree.

Also, I personally disagree. I like the idea of Julia knitting in her spare time. It’s something I totally relate…

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flower power bag


yikes I finished my bag in time for the made it monthly challenge over at the gorgeous woolhogs by the skin of my teeth!

It’s a sort of combination of lots of things I’ve spied in books and magazines and I love it. I’m trying to make enough stock to start an online shop so I’m a bit of a dusty mole surrounded by yarn and crochet hooks, with a pink bow on my head of course!

recently my beloved hubby told me I would never make enough money for all my time, but that has just made me all the more determined, so watch this mole hole!

ps I can’t wait to tell you about a gorgeous package I received from knitexpressions and heaps of yummy awards to share too!

love and hugs Teresa ♥ (aka dusty mole!)

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Estes Park Wool Market

for sunday morning

So, it was my first time up at Estes Park Wool market- I had a great time visiting with all the woolies!  Can’t wait to go again next year!


Llamas and alpacas everywhere!


There was a handful of little Vicuna running around… adorbz!


I don’t know why you would cut an alpaca to look like a teddy bear this way, but it was a funny sight to see!


Meanwhile this lady lamb probably really wants a haircut!  Such beautiful color in her locks!  If I were adept at spinning, I’d be all over that!

The other half of the Wool Market is a yarn-lover’s paradise to be sure.  Lots of fun and magical yarns and roving being sold!  I found a booth that sold Qiviut yarn- made from Northern Musk Oxen (See Wikipedia for more crazy info on this animal)  I couldn’t afford the $90 for 100% Qivuit, so I…

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Join the Bead Hoarders Blog Hop

Beautiful beadwork, really inspirational


Bead_Hoarders_Blog_HopIt’s time to make use of your “special stash”–you know…all those beads you stash away and never use…

Pretty Things is hosting a Bead Hoarders Blog Hop on Saturday, July 20th. There’s still time to join in the fun! Just go to Pretty Things to sign up–hurry though, sign ups end June 28th.

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