New additions

This is Milo my daughters new puppy. He arrived four weeks ago and really loves Lucy my Jack Russell. Milo is a Jackahuahua. We think he is more Jack Russell.



Mother’s Day

Mothers Day – we ventured out for High Tea and were joined by the Tweed City mice, Boab and Bella. As you can see they enjoyed the food,especially the macaroni cheese and the scones and cakes.

We had a lively meal and great time. Boab and Bella plan to travel  more now that their daughter Ribena is older. Vimto, their son is still at school but they plan get out more and blog about their experiences.


Easter makes



Easter  will be here sooner than we realise so today I was thinking what to do with the bunny template I have used to make Easter cards This is the outcome. A cute little bunting from patterned paper and paper string.
I cut lots of bunnies from patterned paper, glued on a Pom Pom tail and punched a hole for the string.Its  a fun and easy Easter bunting.









Knitters necklace

Anyone who knows me well enough will tell you that I love Jewellery.

I especially like anything quirky or unusual and these appeal to me very much

image             image



This is a sweet little necklace any knitter would love to have. It is from site, and something little hands could make ( with a bit of adult help) for a special someone for Mothers Day perhaps?

There is a full picture tutorial and instruction on the site.


If you are not particularly crafty then here are some that can be found selling on Etsy and Folksy.

I love the earrings!









How to ….?

Thinking about how we learn new techniques when it comes to crafts and knitting etc. I love books and enjoy reading about crafts as much as doing. I read websites, books blogs anything to find new projects and ideas. Following on from my post re knitted jewellery , I have to say when it comes to learning , then, I am a visual learner and Craftsy have a brilliant video class to learn the techniques of bead knitting.

Craftsy is a great site where you can find classes and tutorials and also patterns to knit and sew etc.



Knitted Easter Eggs

As you know, I am interested in knitting small things. I’m also very interested in knitting with beads.

This pattern from the Betsy Beads book by Betsy Hershberg shows how beads can make any knitted piece extra special. I have had the book for some time and just enjoy it.

studio is Betty’s website and well worth looking. The kits and tutorials for the project are there.

A free pattern for the spiral necklace can be found at http://www.knitting