Things I’ve been working on

Mushroom Girl Brooch
Mushroom Girl Brooch

This is a little brooch I made.  She’s very sweet and pretty.

Rainbow tortoise
Rainbow tortoise.

I love knitting these little amigurumi. They are all over the house. This little guy is an Amanda Berry pattern. You  can find it on her website, Fluff and Fuzz listed in free patterns.

This is CapStick Crab.
This is CapStick Crab.

This little crab is knitted from a pattern in Lets Get Crafting magazine. He has a wee whale and fish for friends.

Walt the Whale
Walt the Whale
 stripe the fish
Stripe the fish
The Tweed city mice - a family of mice living adventurous lives in Tweed City.
The Tweed city mice – a family of mice living adventurous lives in Tweed City.

i have been trying to finish off projects started months, sometimes years ago. I enjoy craft magazines and buy almost all of them each month. I find knitting very relaxing and enjoy other blogs. Amanda Berry, Barbara Prime, Alan Dart.

My Bob and Bella mouse characters are knitted up from a Barbara Prime pattern, Holiday Mice which can be found on her website.


Late Night Musings

imageSitting up, waiting for the daughter of the house to come in. I had thought I would delete this blog as I wasn’t making much of it. However, I’ve spent some time tonight fiddling with my widgets and generally boning up on how to improve it. You can see I’ve changed the appearance and added bits here and there. I think it looks better and I’m into the swing of it again.

Over the last two weeks we have had problems with the downstairs neighbour developing a leak, supposedly from this flat but no sign of it here. Phoning the insurers, based in England, I’m talking to the girl there about our situation and sympathising with the problems with flooding etc down south. She tells me that we have it worse because it’s colder and we get more snow. I have to wonder at someone living where rivers are rising, mass evacuations from houses due to floods, being lashed by hurricane force winds, and she thinks Scots are worse off.   Mmm…. maybe independence could be a good thing after all.