Go to work on an egg!


This is my entry in the decorated egg competition at work. The chick and bunny are plastic eggs covered in pipe cleaner. I used a hot glue gun, and singed my fingers a few times!The nest is wool roving lightly needle felted into a soft nest for the four styrofoam eggs. I tried a few methods, like using nail polish on a plastic egg but I got myself into a real mess.

The nest has four eggs,painted using acrylic paint;the green has a sunflower painted free hand with glitter embellishment, the pink is covered in foil butterfly stickers,the yellow one has a ribbon round the middle, and the main entry is the sequinned egg.


Mother’s Day

Mothers Day – we ventured out for High Tea and were joined by the Tweed City mice, Boab and Bella. As you can see they enjoyed the food,especially the macaroni cheese and the scones and cakes.

We had a lively meal and great time. Boab and Bella plan to travel  more now that their daughter Ribena is older. Vimto, their son is still at school but they plan get out more and blog about their experiences.


Knitters necklace

Anyone who knows me well enough will tell you that I love Jewellery.

I especially like anything quirky or unusual and these appeal to me very much

image             image



This is a sweet little necklace any knitter would love to have. It is from thinkcraft.com site, and something little hands could make ( with a bit of adult help) for a special someone for Mothers Day perhaps?

There is a full picture tutorial and instruction on the site.


If you are not particularly crafty then here are some that can be found selling on Etsy and Folksy.

I love the earrings!









Easter Knits roundup contd…


Woolly Land Sheep


These little sheep are found in flutterby patch.blogspot.co.uk.  a free pattern and great fun for Easter. They are Chalky and Charcoal, they come with coats to knit so you can change them  and there is also a pattern for Rose, the little girl sheep. I found this blog when I was searching for toy patterns. it’s great fun and worth a visit.


Things I’ve been working on

Mushroom Girl Brooch
Mushroom Girl Brooch

This is a little brooch I made.  She’s very sweet and pretty.

Rainbow tortoise
Rainbow tortoise.

I love knitting these little amigurumi. They are all over the house. This little guy is an Amanda Berry pattern. You  can find it on her website, Fluff and Fuzz listed in free patterns.

This is CapStick Crab.
This is CapStick Crab.

This little crab is knitted from a pattern in Lets Get Crafting magazine. He has a wee whale and fish for friends.

Walt the Whale
Walt the Whale
 stripe the fish
Stripe the fish
The Tweed city mice - a family of mice living adventurous lives in Tweed City.
The Tweed city mice – a family of mice living adventurous lives in Tweed City.

i have been trying to finish off projects started months, sometimes years ago. I enjoy craft magazines and buy almost all of them each month. I find knitting very relaxing and enjoy other blogs. Amanda Berry, Barbara Prime, Alan Dart.

My Bob and Bella mouse characters are knitted up from a Barbara Prime pattern, Holiday Mice which can be found on her website.