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I have always enjoyed good food and also cooking it. We don’t always think of food as craft but it is. Today’s  buys from our local organic green grocer:  Gem and I tried out the chipotle chilli bean and sweet potato soup for lunch at the Iced Gems cafe across from the grocers. Good , but spicy  can’t wait to make it for myself.



Headrush spaghetti with dried mushrooms, white chocolate and cream. 82p.

This is a great little blog, lots of good recipes and cheap too!

Cooking on a Bootstrap

Traditionally, on Valentines Days gone by, I would knock up a pan of tagliatelle with a slow-cooked chilli and tomato sauce, hand torn basil and parsley, a few finely chopped olives and two lobsters from Leigh Fishermans Co-op nestled on top… I’d carry my big, faithful copper-bottomed sauté pan into the dining room, hand over a fork, and begin, following it with a huge glass dish of mussels in butter, garlic, Madeira and cream, and home made bread to soak it up with. This year, of course, no such extravagance… Firstly, I’m not about to schlep out for a lobster for myself – and secondly, well, I think I can do better than that…


I called this headrush spaghetti, because that’s exactly what happened when I tried it. The pungent intensity of the dried mushrooms, that garlic hit, and the lingering sweetness from the white chocolate… Oh my. It’s 11am…

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