New additions

This is Milo my daughters new puppy. He arrived four weeks ago and really loves Lucy my Jack Russell. Milo is a Jackahuahua. We think he is more Jack Russell.



Mother’s Day

Mothers Day – we ventured out for High Tea and were joined by the Tweed City mice, Boab and Bella. As you can see they enjoyed the food,especially the macaroni cheese and the scones and cakes.

We had a lively meal and great time. Boab and Bella plan to travel  more now that their daughter Ribena is older. Vimto, their son is still at school but they plan get out more and blog about their experiences.


Easter Knits roundup contd…


Woolly Land Sheep


These little sheep are found in flutterby  a free pattern and great fun for Easter. They are Chalky and Charcoal, they come with coats to knit so you can change them  and there is also a pattern for Rose, the little girl sheep. I found this blog when I was searching for toy patterns. it’s great fun and worth a visit.


Knitting Trivia


I know what you are thinking… not here for months then you can’t shut her up! Anyway, the daughter of the house is animal crazy and has high hopes of being a veterinary nurse. She’s planning a doggy fun day at our local park this summer to raise money for local animal charity.  As part of this myself, as head keeper, secretary, and craft stall manager thought I could knit some doggie coats and make some homemade treats. I found these two books in my bookshelves. I think I can rustle up some edible goodies to sell along with some doggie high fashion.