More knitted friends….

This is Dill the dinosaur.
This is Dill the dinosaur

This is the biggest toy I have knitted to date, I like her a lot. So do my visitors.

The weather is beginning to turn with the night a little cooler.. penguin time!

tiny penguini

Kevin Penguin

tiny penguin
tiny penguin

This teeny one is another Amanda Berry pattern. I just knitted him up in 15 minutes. He would make a great tree decoration or stocking filler. I love to try these.

And what do we find along with penguins?…….

Mr Flurry.
Mr Flurry

I found this pattern on the web a few years ago. at that time I knitted up quite a few and gave them as gifts.

When I was clearing Student Boy’s room to find a place to store patterns I found the pattern and knitted one up Just for the pleasure of it!


Author: laurasmith57

A hard working, Civil Servant with a passion for crafts of any kind. I enjoy knitting, sewing, jewellery making quilling and take a great deal of pleasure in creating things for others.

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