Estes Park Wool Market

for sunday morning

So, it was my first time up at Estes Park Wool market- I had a great time visiting with all the woolies!  Can’t wait to go again next year!


Llamas and alpacas everywhere!


There was a handful of little Vicuna running around… adorbz!


I don’t know why you would cut an alpaca to look like a teddy bear this way, but it was a funny sight to see!


Meanwhile this lady lamb probably really wants a haircut!  Such beautiful color in her locks!  If I were adept at spinning, I’d be all over that!

The other half of the Wool Market is a yarn-lover’s paradise to be sure.  Lots of fun and magical yarns and roving being sold!  I found a booth that sold Qiviut yarn- made from Northern Musk Oxen (See Wikipedia for more crazy info on this animal)  I couldn’t afford the $90 for 100% Qivuit, so I…

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Author: laurasmith57

A hard working, Civil Servant with a passion for crafts of any kind. I enjoy knitting, sewing, jewellery making quilling and take a great deal of pleasure in creating things for others.

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